I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like…

Today was Kunstkring Sint Anthonis open studios and galleries day, and with nice weather like this was a good excuse for a ride on the bike and take in some art.

There were two routes to choose from, both around 18km. I chose the one nearer me and finished it in the village I live in. Handy cos my bicycle isn’t too reliable, with it’s siezed gears and shot bearings in the rear wheel.

Plenty to see with each route having about ten studios or galleries each as different as the next, and I have to say I’m more a sculpture man than a painting man. Below a couple of photies of my favourites.




#MeadLab #BreakingMead It’s Ready!

Finally, after a four month ferment the mead is ready. Bottled this afternoon and tastes just like the last batch did about a year ago. Possibly not quite as harsh as last years, I think the extra month fermenting made a difference.

Only have 3 litres this time instead of the 23 litres last year, so get in quick before it’s gone.

Going to push myself next time with something different


Got the horn...

Carrotts and Peas

Spring is springing and I’m ignoring the sound of wind and rain outside.

The Paris carrotts and peas, that came from a box of dried peas that I bought from a supermarrket, are showing their heads.

Starting to suspect the cherry tomato plant I posted earlier may be something foreign that came in the potting compost…





Having a gander at my bedroom nursery, and didn’t expect to see this!

I only planted the seeds two days ago and already one of my cherry toms is poking its head through the dirt.

This is a good sign.

A Braw Day

Sooooo I had a day of work today. Had to stay in between 1000 and 1400 for a service engineer coming to check over my central ventilation system.
The morning was mostly spent chatting to some of my favourite tweeps and placing bets on when he turns up. Nobody picked the 1220 doorbell ring.

Mr Engineer Man turned up and within a half hour he was done and dusted, leaving me with the rest of the day to myself. Now beautiful weather out there meant a chance to top up the vitamine D. Do I sit on a cafe terrace and have a beer? Wee Devil on my shoulder was tempting, but no, got beer in the fridge so be a good boy and get some rays on the go.

Went for a short walk around the village, shooting off some photies with my phone wishing for a decent camera while watching buzzards circle above the fields looking for dinner.

Got back home and thought Balcony Garden season is fast approaching and checked out what seeds I have, put Soundgarden on grabbed a beer out the fridge and set to work. Got a few things this year, balcony tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, aubergine, bell peppers, Cayenne peppers, Paris carrotts and peas. Also the usual suspects of herbs and the strawberries from last year look as if they survived the Winter.

Seeds are now on the windowsill of Bedroom Nursery and soon the mead will also be ready.

This has been a braw day, I need more of this.

Photies below in no particular order.









Once upon a time in way back in history something called testosterone happened. Hair falls out our heads and grows out our faces. And that’s how it’s been ever since.

The whole beard thing seems to be big at the moment, or I just didn’t notice the fuss till recently, but yeah I’ve embraced it.

I’ve been bearded for 22 years now and I’m 43, so yeah I’ve been bearded more than half my life. My father has been bearded as far back as I can remember, although baby photos of me and 3 years later my sister has my dad rocking a 70’s cop show moustache. Any father who has had his beard, or even chest hair grabbed by their cute offspring will understand. I have felt my dad’s pain.

So where is this recent interest in beards coming from? Hipsters? Dicovery Channel? I don’t know. Like I say I started growing this thing 22 years ago, mostly a goatee of varying styles and lengths, my old record being a 26.5cm or just shy of 10.5 inches braid. Which I still have hanging off the neck of my bouzouki.

Grunge and Alternative was in the air, I was into the music, the clothes were cbeap and hairy faces were coming to the fore. Back then my own effort had more of an Industrial influence via Ministry s Al Jourgensen, except mine is a red beard. Trips to folk festivals and membership of the Campaign for Real Ale adds to the stereotype…

But that was then, this is now. I’m now sporting a full set. And it aint just the beards themselves getting bigger, the beard thing is getting bigger. I mentioned Discovery earlier and you can’t move there for beards. Whether they are mining gold in Alaska or it is the Aaron Kaufman special from Fast and Loud, beards are everywhere!

And it’s business too! You have a load of care products to choose from. Beard oils,beard balms,  beard combs and brushes. There are websites, blogs, facebook pages,  twitter accounts with hashtags a go go, guys myself included taking selfies a plenty and even beard dating usites. Has it made me more attractive to women? Yeah for some I’m happy to say and I’m not minding the attention one little bit.

The beard is in rude health right now, no doubt some will move on to the next big thing. But for those of us in it for the long term?

The beard is, that is all.


Good piece this about the late Arthur Montford who died yesterday. A legend of Scottish sports broadcasting and a fellow Morton fan.
RIP Arthur.

David Farrell's Football from the Inside

Legend is a word that is used all too freely in football. Players who are very good, even World class, are sprayed with this wonderful word that encompasses the true dimension of being the best, yet few deserve it.

One man, who can rightly be described as a football legend, was Arthur Montford.

I only met Arthur a few times, having been privileged to play football in an era where broadcasters were not the perceived stars of the show they are today. Unassuming, yet somehow assertive, with a presence that belied his manner, Arthur was a true legend.

I grew up watching Scotsport (and Sportscene). They became a staple of the football diet and, Sunday dinner wasn’t complete without the Scotsport tune in the background and the dulcet, eccentric tones of Arthur Montford describing the action. The game never seemed dull when Arthur was commentating and that in my opinion…

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