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Treating Tea With Suspicion

My tea bag supply ran out. Not just any tea bags but the tea bags that are flown in from Scotland because to be blunt I don’t really like the tea you can buy here in the Netherlands. I just find it very weak in comparison with tea from back home. When you have been brought up with Builders Tea all your life and arrive in NL, go shopping and find Engels Melange, or English Blend prepare to be dissapointed. It’s been a bug bear since I moved here and my family send emergency airdrops of the dark stuff on a regular basis, but that supply is done. Instead of sending a carrier doo with a ‘Send tea quick!’ message I’m venturing out to the shops to find something to satisfy my needs.

Whenever I am not at home and am offered something hot and steamy I’ll usuallly plump for coffee, at least with the Dutch you know where you are with coffee, not always with tea. I have often been offered tea because I am from the British Isles and they look in wonder as I leave the bag in the cup as I drink, they also look in wonder as I add milk. How can I drink such black tea they ask, and with milk?! I have tried Earl Grey, which I like, but  because I got a dodgy brew once it was very dry and left me wanting a proper brew of Builders Tea to quench my thirst. I have treated it with suspicion ever since, and am now only out of need bringing it back into the house.

I’m on the hunt for something new, can’t use Lipton since I heard they are linked with Monsanto and am trying to boycott that as much as possible, so am really limited to supermarket own brand here. Rediscovered Earl Grey and am enjoying that, remembered a good Fair Trade African black tea in a New Agey shop I tried a while back, so not all doom and gloom, but all this talk of tea is making me thirsty, I quite fancy a cup of tea, probably Earl Grey.

Builders Earl Grey that is…


Seedbombs & Procrastination and Frustration


Seedbombs were deployed last night in a variety of locations within The Village. Got a mixture of sweetcorn, peas, tomatoes, peppers and broccoli out there. Also thinking of a cocktail seedbomb. loosley based on the North American Three Sisters form of agriculture. Although this will only be two sisters, and the beans will be replaced by peas…

Not sure if any of the seeds will actually grow to anything, main threats being professional gardeners tidying up plots to rabbits and pidgeons eating the crop, but even if only one seed succeeds then I’m claiming a small victory.

Really hope the sweetcorn outside the bank makes it.


Procrastination and Frustration

Been wanting to write for a long time, but never get round to it. I have enough ideas swimming around in my head for at least four stories, but I just can’t get them on paper or screen. Even the name for this blog and also my twitter profile comes from a lead role from a failed idea.

I know the ideas are in there, it’s just getting them out there. Who knows, it could be my ticket out of my day job, but realisticly it won’t be. But then Dan Brown is making a fair living I guess, and if he can, I can.

Can’t I?

Seedbombs Are Go!

Got my bag of seedbombs and heading out for some Guerrilla Gardening.

Need a Mustache Transplant? Visit Turkey

Need a Mustache Transplant? Visit Turkey

Well there’s a headline (lipline?) you don’t see everyday…

A Good Practice




Got some archery practice in today in Enschede. A nice relaxed afternoons shooting, so decided to try out some instinctive shooting and didn’t do too badly. I know a few folk at the club back home that will have a heart attack at that idea…

Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening is something that has caught my eye recently. I’ve been loosley involved with the Occupy movement in the sharing ideas and information sence, rather than the camps as unfortunatly idealism and the real world clashed. Camping out with Occupy Nijmegen and working in Brabant, coupled with being a father wasn’t going to work so sharing info via twitter and facebook was the best I could offer.

This is where I learned about Guerrilla Gardening. I live in a flat, with a fairly large balcony which is good for growing my own veg on, although sweetcorn didn’t work too well, the rest comes on pretty good.

I usually find myself with excess seedlings as I plant some extra as insurance, which I’m glad I did this year as unseasonable wind and morning frost killed off some tomato plants. Now I don’t want to waste my seedlings and will give away some excess to other gardeners, but I also like to share the love, so to speak, by planting some in unusual places and should they survive and bear fruit then bonus, free pickings for anyone who wants.

Then I saw this youtube clip on facebook Seedbombs, why didn’t I think of this sooner! When I get back to Brabant Iknow exactly what I’ll be doing.

Boing….. thunk

Going shooting today. Haven’t done any archery practice for about a month so going to be interesting. One plus this club in Enschede has over my local club in Brabant is that on weekends they shoot outdoors and they have 3D targets.
Hope the weather stays dry…