Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening is something that has caught my eye recently. I’ve been loosley involved with the Occupy movement in the sharing ideas and information sence, rather than the camps as unfortunatly idealism and the real world clashed. Camping out with Occupy Nijmegen and working in Brabant, coupled with being a father wasn’t going to work so sharing info via twitter and facebook was the best I could offer.

This is where I learned about Guerrilla Gardening. I live in a flat, with a fairly large balcony which is good for growing my own veg on, although sweetcorn didn’t work too well, the rest comes on pretty good.

I usually find myself with excess seedlings as I plant some extra as insurance, which I’m glad I did this year as unseasonable wind and morning frost killed off some tomato plants. Now I don’t want to waste my seedlings and will give away some excess to other gardeners, but I also like to share the love, so to speak, by planting some in unusual places and should they survive and bear fruit then bonus, free pickings for anyone who wants.

Then I saw this youtube clip on facebook Seedbombs, why didn’t I think of this sooner! When I get back to Brabant Iknow exactly what I’ll be doing.


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