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A Weekend of Boing… Thunk! Coming Up

I can’t wait!

last year I went along with my girlfriend to the Kiowa 3D Archery competition in Luxembourg to watch her shoot and loved the course. I decided there and then that this year I would shoot.

Now this is a very very popular competition with many Dutch and German based archers taking part, so popular I was put on the waiting list.

However! Earlier this week I got comfirmation that I will be shooting, this is the one I have been after, it also makes up for the dissapointment of not being allowed to shoot at my local clubs 3D competition later this month.

Wish me luck.


The Meaning of Life… sort of…

The other day I was sitting on my balcony after what started as a relaxed day turned into a sprint finish and realised I may have stumbled on the meaning of life!

Sitting on my backside in the sun with a cold beer or hot tea, reading, listening to rock music mibbies folk, growing an epic beard and let time flow on by.

Well it worked on Friday.

UKIP activist calls Drummer Lee Rigby’s family ‘idiots’

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

As if it isn’t bad enough defending the EDL – it seems UKIP activist Marty Caine needed to dig himself a hole even deeper by branding Drummer Lee Rigby’s family “idiots” after their moving statement pleading for calm.

In a tweet defending the EDL, Marty Caine UKIP wrote this (click to enlarge):

marty_caineHere’s the statement from Lee Rigby’s family which prompted the insult:

Statement on behalf of Drummer Lee Rigby’s family

Just how low do UKIP members have to go before the British public realise they stand for nothing in the least bit British and UKIP is in fact just another extremist minority party like the EDL and the BNP which should be confined to the political fringes where all the other crackpot parties in the UK dwell.


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