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NK3D – Dutch National 3D Archery Championship





I took part in the Dutch National 3D Archery tournament in Drunen in the province of Noord Brabant.
It was my fifth competition in a year of archery for me and I did better than expected!
Now I was nowhere near the prizes, closer to the bottom of my class, mens bowhunter recurve, than the top. But I did score a new personal best in both the hunter and the three arrow round.
A good weekend shooting with great guys who were keen to share tips with us less experienced guys. I learned a lot.
When not shooting for points but experience in good company with good weather it makes for a great weekend.
Bring on the next shoot!


Question Time


Got a questionaire from the local council recently.
Going to have fun filling this in.
Especially the public transport bit… – US and NL agreed in 2010 to update nuclear bombs, tv show claims

Not really sure what would keep me awak more. Nukes 8 miles, or 13km away from me or that massive waste of our tax euros the Joint Strike Fighter being based there…

Dutch Weather, What Are You Doing To Me?!


I’m Scottish. I’m used to changing weather. It is often said in Scotland that if you don’t like the weather, stick around five minutes and it’ll change.

Was oot and aboot in The Dutch Boondocks and it reminded me of home. Heavy rain, rain suit on. Rain off, rain suit off. Strong winds, wishing the gears on my bike worked so I could change down. I think I did more costume changes than Axl Rose when I.saw Guns n Roses in 1992.
Now I like fun weather as much as the next person, love to watch a good thunder storm from my balcony. I can even appreciate a nice heavy snowfall if I don’t have to travel but if I have to cycle some where, please, no rain if it must be windy, then wind at my back only regardless of the direction I’m travelling in.

Going Home…

Heading south from Twente back to the Dutch Boondocks after a great week with my girlfriend.
The long distance relationship has it’s strains, but I always look forward to heading north for a visit.
Worst part is going home. Especially if stuck on the student cattle train on a Sunday!

A Good Day in Twente

Had a brilliant day today.

Had some archery practice in Enschede with the new arrows I bought recently, and they have made a huge difference to my form already. I limited myself to six arrows at a time and was getting roughly three first hits from the six on the 3D targets, even managed a six out off six. Really pleasing because before I would only manage about one or two from six.

Progress and that is only the first time shooting with those arrows, hoping my form picks up soon.

Afterwards we went back to my girlfriend’s town, Hengelo where there was a free one day festival, and Dutch power folk band Scrum were playing. Not a huge fan of Scrum, saw them once before at the Folkwoods Festival in Eindhoven a couple of years ago and it just didn’t click for me then. This time I enjoyed it more. A sort of Scottish, Irish folk and roll band from somewhere in the Netherlands.

Kilts en klompen if you will. Folkwoods Festival Scrum Summer Square Festival

The Best Video You’ll See All Day: Geena Davis Badass Archer

I also caught this video on facebook recently, too good not to share.

The Movie Maven

I don’t think I need to say anything more but watch.

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