Out of My Depth or a Possible Learning Opportunity?

Signed myself up for the Dutch 3D Archery National Championship…

I’m way out of my league here, while never actually finishing last in my class, Bowhunter Recurve, I have never really been far away from the bottom spot. So I have to ask myself.

What the hell was I thinking signing up for the National Championships?! surely I’m onto a hiding for nothing.

Well yes and no. I don’t go into competitions with wild dreams of finishing in the top 3 and going home with a prize. I love the chance to get into the woods and shoot a few arrows into 3D targets instead of shooting at the traditional round targets we use at my local club.

Inspite of my current dip in form I do tend to shoot better every time I go out, and if I want to be the best, I have to beat the best. So going in at the deep end and shooting alongside some real talent can only be a good thing.

Bring it on 😉

http://hey486.wix.com/nk3d# – NEDERLANDS 3D KAMPIOENSCHAP 2013

http://www.handboogsport.nl/ – Nederlandse Handboog Bond


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