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10 ways to celebrate New Year in the Netherlands

The Netherlands by numbers

New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands is celebrated in a most untypically over-the-top Dutch way. Here are 10 things you must do.

1. Buy fireworks – lots of them and enormous ones – if you have not smuggled them in from Belgium or Eastern Europe months ago.

soviet shooter firework

Start setting off your fireworks well before 6pm on December 31, which is when you are officially allowed to do so. (From 2014)

2. Listen to the final fifty or so entries in Radio 2’s Top2000 which is, for some bizarre reason, is listened to by millions of people every year and won every year (almost) by Queen’s Bohemiam Rhapsody.

3. Watch whichever comedian is giving this year’s televised Oudejaarsconference – a long and winding monologue wrapping up the year.

Of course you'll win

4. Buy an oudejaarslot – a lottery ticket – in the hope of winning €30 million. You and 17 million other people.

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