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Losing the Essence

This is one of the frustrating things about this blog. Losing the essence of the piece I want to write, and the blog has suffered as a consequence.

Happened again to me recently. Two nights ago I went along to a  Cultureel Cafe event here in the Boondocks and was keen to write a piece about it here on the blog. But I got home after 1am and with my alarm going off for work at 6am I thought it better to get some sleep, I’ll work on it after work.

It never happened.

Once again I lost the essence. I have a job that doesn’t tax my mind too much, and that’s where most of my writing ideas come in, trouble is I don’t have the chance to jot them down and then it disappears into the back of the unknown realms of my mind.

I would love to become a writer, The original idea of this blog was to be a sort of expat’s Dutch Diary, commenting on social and political issues of the day as well as whimsy and farting about. I have four or five novels swimming around inside my skull, two or three with the potential to become a series, but the chances of them seeing the light of day on paper or screen is slim to say the least.

So I’m going to have a beer, fart about on facebook anf twitter while giving this a right good thinking about.


BBC News – Red telephone box London’s ‘smallest’ library

If this keeps up, we may have trouble getting back into the Matrix.

Qatar World Cup Construction Has 1,200 Already Dead

This is the ugly side of the beautiful game. There has to be transparency in the selection process of host nations.
More has to be done to ensure the health and safety of migrant workers and the end of exploitation.

Balcony Garden 2014


One of my other hobbies aside from archery is my balcony garden. I live in a flat and have no garden of my own, so I have a collection of pots and such like where I like to grow greens and things.
I love the idea of small scale gardening, and anyone can do it.

The Wall of Epic Misses


I keep my broken and bent arrows on my living room wall as a constant reminder of must do better.

Some of those were epic misses. Bent one into an S shape when I missed a vulture in a 3D shoot in Bavaria, Germany at about 40 metres and struck a rock next to it sending sparks flying. Glad it had been raining the night before. Would be a hell of a way to start a forest fire.

Another was with a wooden arrow at a 3D in Luxembourg. Target was a skunk at roughly 20 metres, but had to find a window through the trees. Not sure how many trees I hit on my way through, but the arrow broke into three pieces before the point stuck into the skunk.

Yep, save money on arrows, one shot, one kill…

that archery thing they’re all talking about

Ok so it’s a laptop advert, but still the best laptop advert I’ve ever seen.

The Infinite Curve - an archery blog

More archery as rugged individualism selling consumer products, as covered before on The Infinite Curve archery blog… but this time they’ve got it right! Full disclosure: this man taught me how to shoot. He is Lee from Experience Archery – north London’s finest. As well as teaching archery, he also works as an actor (amongst many other things, he played an archer in this). Anyway, enjoy:

(Eagle-eyed readers may notice that he uses a different arrow – a Jazz – at the end for the shot into the tree. I asked him about this and he said “Yeah, not shooting my ACE’s at a tree!”. Haha…)

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Oooh Mah Back!

Hurt my back Thursday night.

Not lifting heavy weights without bending my knees or anything like that, I did it cutting my toe nails…

Lifted my leg, bent forward slightly and one back muscle said to another,

“Watch this for a laugh.” *PING!*

Woke up Friday morning with a bit of pain, but not enough to call in sick so went to work anyway like the idiot I can be. Told my gaffer not to expect too much from me and did the best I could.

Finished my shift walking like John Wayne.

Sunday now and my back is still grumbling, got pain killers, whitch I nearly never take normally and a cream that heats up the affected spot, be carefull where you rub that stuff…

Main thing bothering me is archery practice on Tuesday night, probably won’t make it, Need the practice for a 3D shoot in Wierden just before Easter, but don’t want to really mess my back up.

Really don’t need this.