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Got some really good mail today. I’d seen something online a while back about converting a shoe organizer into a vertical garden and mentioned it on facebook.

Guess what came in the post today? A shoe organizer and a few packets of seeds from my mum and dad in Scotland.

I was like a kid at Christmas, quickly found a link to instructions to set one up and set to work straight away.

Just have to do more research in which plants need more water than others so the dryer plants can go to the top and the wetter below, because the top will naturally drain to the bottom.

Looking forward to harvest time. Thanks mum and dad!

This is the link I have loosely based this on.


Oh Good, It’s Raining

That’ll give the seedbombs I put out a fighting chance then.

Here’s hoping they do better than last year.

LEW to Host NK3D – #3dArchery #Archery

The archery club I am a member of, Landmans Eendracht Wanroij (LEW) in Wanroij is to host this years Dutch national championship 3D archery competition on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of September. A Nederlandse Handboogbond (NHB) tournament.

This is a big deal for LEW, the club has been around since 1895 and is mainly an indoor 25 metre, one arrow club. But there are many 3D and Field shooters in the group and also on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th June we will be hosting the 3rd Hunting Wanroij 3D competition.

Going to be a big challenge for the club, but one I’m sure we’ll handle



Hunting 3D Wanroij

See A First Class Archer Make A 300 Yard Shot

Popping a ballon at 300 yards? (274.32 metres or 29.756 double decker busses, guess who has a convertor app…)
Impressive, most impressive.


This Bowman Is About To Make An Epic Long Range Shot

Watch Matt Alwine of Trophy State Of Mind TV hit a balloon from 300 yards away.

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I may be late in the season but…

…I may have found a good seedbombing place…

From Polaris to Trident to #IndyRef

This is a brilliant read, and an eyeopener for me. I also post this as an ex employee of the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service and latterly Serco Denholm in Greenock. So jobs wise I benefitted from Faslane. Would I still vote Yes if I could? Hell yeah!

Macmillan’s sell-out a vital lesson for Scotland | Herald Scotland


Easter Sunday so lets light a fire.
The Paasvuur is an Easter tradition in the eastern and northern parts of The Netherlands and in parts of northern Germany. The *ahem* hot spot being in the Twente area of Overijssel.

That’s going to ruin my baked potatoes…