Wierden 3D


Shot for my first time yesterday at the 3D shoot in Wierden in Overijssel province. The wether was perfect for it, set in a local park and shooting with a really good group of people.


I started off bad though. Lost an arrow at the first target and lost another not long after. Even nearly lost my bow. I wear a sort of ring thing round my finger that loops round to my thumb securing the bow to my hand, as I keep my bow hand relaxed. Forgot to secure it to my thumb when shooting from a bridge and my bow took off with my arrow! Luckily we managed to fish my bow out of the water. More of a red face than anything else.


My shooting picked up after that and my confidence getting better. I wasn’t confident of gaining a decent score (by my standards) and told my girlfriend who was marking our score cards not to tell me what I had till I finished. I wasn’t shooting for points by this point, I just wanted to shoot without the distraction of points.


Seemed to have worked. No pressure, more relaxed meant I got myself a new personal best in bowhunter recurve by a long shot. Really didn’t expect the score I got, and to cap it all my girlfriend came first in Ladies American Flatbow and her daughter picking up a winners trophy for Girls Historical Bow.


It was a great day out. Some challenging targets, both in distance, shooting through the trees and the change in light.

Really enjoyed this one.




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