What you see is what you hit?

As I said in the original blogs comments section…
Our club hosted this years Dutch National Championship 3D, I also shot at last years. The NHB (Nederlands Handboog Bond – Dutch Archery Association)) allow binoculars but they have to be checked by a NHB referee that they are not range finders. It was mostly compound shooters that used them, and watching them check the target once or twice, take the shot, then check the shot with binos started narking my instinctive archery , bowhunter recurve mind hahaha 🙂 I got impatient watching them, when I wasn’t even shooting myself.

My Archery Experiences

First view from Red peg First view from Red peg

In the NFAS archers are not allowed to use any spotting scopes or binoculars before or after they have shot. Some classes are allowed sights on their bows but no binoculars or spotting scopes.
In the upcoming AGM this is going to be discussed as there is a proposal for sighted classes to be allowed to use binos but lose the option of target cards (small book showing target faces which they allowed to review prior to shooting).
The topic is being hotly debated in club houses, forums and on the Facebook site by some so I thought it worth putting a few views across and invite readers thoughts.

Firstly some brief history

To my knowledge binoculars have never been allowed as an aid to the archer. Marshalls have used them when assisting on a course but not the archers.
A few years ago there had…

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