Good piece this about the late Arthur Montford who died yesterday. A legend of Scottish sports broadcasting and a fellow Morton fan.
RIP Arthur.

David Farrell's Football from the Inside

Legend is a word that is used all too freely in football. Players who are very good, even World class, are sprayed with this wonderful word that encompasses the true dimension of being the best, yet few deserve it.

One man, who can rightly be described as a football legend, was Arthur Montford.

I only met Arthur a few times, having been privileged to play football in an era where broadcasters were not the perceived stars of the show they are today. Unassuming, yet somehow assertive, with a presence that belied his manner, Arthur was a true legend.

I grew up watching Scotsport (and Sportscene). They became a staple of the football diet and, Sunday dinner wasn’t complete without the Scotsport tune in the background and the dulcet, eccentric tones of Arthur Montford describing the action. The game never seemed dull when Arthur was commentating and that in my opinion…

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