Once upon a time in way back in history something called testosterone happened. Hair falls out our heads and grows out our faces. And that’s how it’s been ever since.

The whole beard thing seems to be big at the moment, or I just didn’t notice the fuss till recently, but yeah I’ve embraced it.

I’ve been bearded for 22 years now and I’m 43, so yeah I’ve been bearded more than half my life. My father has been bearded as far back as I can remember, although baby photos of me and 3 years later my sister has my dad rocking a 70’s cop show moustache. Any father who has had his beard, or even chest hair grabbed by their cute offspring will understand. I have felt my dad’s pain.

So where is this recent interest in beards coming from? Hipsters? Dicovery Channel? I don’t know. Like I say I started growing this thing 22 years ago, mostly a goatee of varying styles and lengths, my old record being a 26.5cm or just shy of 10.5 inches braid. Which I still have hanging off the neck of my bouzouki.

Grunge and Alternative was in the air, I was into the music, the clothes were cbeap and hairy faces were coming to the fore. Back then my own effort had more of an Industrial influence via Ministry s Al Jourgensen, except mine is a red beard. Trips to folk festivals and membership of the Campaign for Real Ale adds to the stereotype…

But that was then, this is now. I’m now sporting a full set. And it aint just the beards themselves getting bigger, the beard thing is getting bigger. I mentioned Discovery earlier and you can’t move there for beards. Whether they are mining gold in Alaska or it is the Aaron Kaufman special from Fast and Loud, beards are everywhere!

And it’s business too! You have a load of care products to choose from. Beard oils,beard balms,  beard combs and brushes. There are websites, blogs, facebook pages,  twitter accounts with hashtags a go go, guys myself included taking selfies a plenty and even beard dating usites. Has it made me more attractive to women? Yeah for some I’m happy to say and I’m not minding the attention one little bit.

The beard is in rude health right now, no doubt some will move on to the next big thing. But for those of us in it for the long term?

The beard is, that is all.


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