A Braw Day

Sooooo I had a day of work today. Had to stay in between 1000 and 1400 for a service engineer coming to check over my central ventilation system.
The morning was mostly spent chatting to some of my favourite tweeps and placing bets on when he turns up. Nobody picked the 1220 doorbell ring.

Mr Engineer Man turned up and within a half hour he was done and dusted, leaving me with the rest of the day to myself. Now beautiful weather out there meant a chance to top up the vitamine D. Do I sit on a cafe terrace and have a beer? Wee Devil on my shoulder was tempting, but no, got beer in the fridge so be a good boy and get some rays on the go.

Went for a short walk around the village, shooting off some photies with my phone wishing for a decent camera while watching buzzards circle above the fields looking for dinner.

Got back home and thought Balcony Garden season is fast approaching and checked out what seeds I have, put Soundgarden on grabbed a beer out the fridge and set to work. Got a few things this year, balcony tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, aubergine, bell peppers, Cayenne peppers, Paris carrotts and peas. Also the usual suspects of herbs and the strawberries from last year look as if they survived the Winter.

Seeds are now on the windowsill of Bedroom Nursery and soon the mead will also be ready.

This has been a braw day, I need more of this.

Photies below in no particular order.








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