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LEW to Host NK3D – #3dArchery #Archery

The archery club I am a member of, Landmans Eendracht Wanroij (LEW) in Wanroij is to host this years Dutch national championship 3D archery competition on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of September. A Nederlandse Handboogbond (NHB) tournament.

This is a big deal for LEW, the club has been around since 1895 and is mainly an indoor 25 metre, one arrow club. But there are many 3D and Field shooters in the group and also on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th June we will be hosting the 3rd Hunting Wanroij 3D competition.

Going to be a big challenge for the club, but one I’m sure we’ll handle



Hunting 3D Wanroij


Wierden 3D


Shot for my first time yesterday at the 3D shoot in Wierden in Overijssel province. The wether was perfect for it, set in a local park and shooting with a really good group of people.


I started off bad though. Lost an arrow at the first target and lost another not long after. Even nearly lost my bow. I wear a sort of ring thing round my finger that loops round to my thumb securing the bow to my hand, as I keep my bow hand relaxed. Forgot to secure it to my thumb when shooting from a bridge and my bow took off with my arrow! Luckily we managed to fish my bow out of the water. More of a red face than anything else.


My shooting picked up after that and my confidence getting better. I wasn’t confident of gaining a decent score (by my standards) and told my girlfriend who was marking our score cards not to tell me what I had till I finished. I wasn’t shooting for points by this point, I just wanted to shoot without the distraction of points.


Seemed to have worked. No pressure, more relaxed meant I got myself a new personal best in bowhunter recurve by a long shot. Really didn’t expect the score I got, and to cap it all my girlfriend came first in Ladies American Flatbow and her daughter picking up a winners trophy for Girls Historical Bow.


It was a great day out. Some challenging targets, both in distance, shooting through the trees and the change in light.

Really enjoyed this one.



The Wall of Epic Misses


I keep my broken and bent arrows on my living room wall as a constant reminder of must do better.

Some of those were epic misses. Bent one into an S shape when I missed a vulture in a 3D shoot in Bavaria, Germany at about 40 metres and struck a rock next to it sending sparks flying. Glad it had been raining the night before. Would be a hell of a way to start a forest fire.

Another was with a wooden arrow at a 3D in Luxembourg. Target was a skunk at roughly 20 metres, but had to find a window through the trees. Not sure how many trees I hit on my way through, but the arrow broke into three pieces before the point stuck into the skunk.

Yep, save money on arrows, one shot, one kill…

Oooh Mah Back!

Hurt my back Thursday night.

Not lifting heavy weights without bending my knees or anything like that, I did it cutting my toe nails…

Lifted my leg, bent forward slightly and one back muscle said to another,

“Watch this for a laugh.” *PING!*

Woke up Friday morning with a bit of pain, but not enough to call in sick so went to work anyway like the idiot I can be. Told my gaffer not to expect too much from me and did the best I could.

Finished my shift walking like John Wayne.

Sunday now and my back is still grumbling, got pain killers, whitch I nearly never take normally and a cream that heats up the affected spot, be carefull where you rub that stuff…

Main thing bothering me is archery practice on Tuesday night, probably won’t make it, Need the practice for a 3D shoot in Wierden just before Easter, but don’t want to really mess my back up.

Really don’t need this.

Instinctive Archery – Is it really instinctive?

This is a good post. I’ve been shooting myself since around t 2012, on and off since around March that year, and trying instinctive archery since June last year.
It started off badly, a real confidence. killer, but being the stubborn Scot that I am I stuck with it. In January I took part in a 3D competition and noticed then it’s starting to click.
Like the post says, walking isn’t instinctive. You learn it, then you do it without thinking.
I’m learning to walk in instinctive archery.

3D Archery with Gregory Richards


Want to start an argument? Mention Instinctive Archery. There are more opinions on this than on any other subject in Archery.

To some it is a mystical thing, that defies description. To others it is nothing more than a gimmick, nothing more than a learned routine. 

The truth is in between the two views. First lets look at the word itself Instinctive, according to the dictionary. 

Instinctive is an Adjective

Relating to or prompted by instinct; apparently unconscious or automatic. :An instinctive distaste for conflict”

(of a person) doing or being a specified thing apparently naturally or automatically. “an instinctive writer”

Look at that second line. Is that not what Instinctive archery? I think people are confusing the concept of a primal instinct with the word instinct.

Is walking an instinct? No, it is learned and through consistent practice (every time we walk, we practice it) it becomes so natural that…

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NK3D – Dutch National 3D Archery Championship





I took part in the Dutch National 3D Archery tournament in Drunen in the province of Noord Brabant.
It was my fifth competition in a year of archery for me and I did better than expected!
Now I was nowhere near the prizes, closer to the bottom of my class, mens bowhunter recurve, than the top. But I did score a new personal best in both the hunter and the three arrow round.
A good weekend shooting with great guys who were keen to share tips with us less experienced guys. I learned a lot.
When not shooting for points but experience in good company with good weather it makes for a great weekend.
Bring on the next shoot!

A Good Day in Twente

Had a brilliant day today.

Had some archery practice in Enschede with the new arrows I bought recently, and they have made a huge difference to my form already. I limited myself to six arrows at a time and was getting roughly three first hits from the six on the 3D targets, even managed a six out off six. Really pleasing because before I would only manage about one or two from six.

Progress and that is only the first time shooting with those arrows, hoping my form picks up soon.

Afterwards we went back to my girlfriend’s town, Hengelo where there was a free one day festival, and Dutch power folk band Scrum were playing. Not a huge fan of Scrum, saw them once before at the Folkwoods Festival in Eindhoven a couple of years ago and it just didn’t click for me then. This time I enjoyed it more. A sort of Scottish, Irish folk and roll band from somewhere in the Netherlands.

Kilts en klompen if you will. Folkwoods Festival Scrum Summer Square Festival