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Got some really good mail today. I’d seen something online a while back about converting a shoe organizer into a vertical garden and mentioned it on facebook.

Guess what came in the post today? A shoe organizer and a few packets of seeds from my mum and dad in Scotland.

I was like a kid at Christmas, quickly found a link to instructions to set one up and set to work straight away.

Just have to do more research in which plants need more water than others so the dryer plants can go to the top and the wetter below, because the top will naturally drain to the bottom.

Looking forward to harvest time. Thanks mum and dad!

This is the link I have loosely based this on.


The Meaning of Life… sort of…

The other day I was sitting on my balcony after what started as a relaxed day turned into a sprint finish and realised I may have stumbled on the meaning of life!

Sitting on my backside in the sun with a cold beer or hot tea, reading, listening to rock music mibbies folk, growing an epic beard and let time flow on by.

Well it worked on Friday.