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The Netherlands, Austerity and the Nazi Gold

At the weekend while farting about on the internet I came across this story.
The Netherlands will not fight for return of gold stolen by Nazis
I gave it my usual cynical ‘typical politicians’ reaction and moved on to the next article. Over the days however it kept coming back to me.
60,000kg, worth today about €2 billion, stolen from the Dutch by the Nazis is still sitting in a Swiss bank and the government has given up on it.
I looked a bit further into the story and found journalist Roel Janssen’s blog (Dutch) does go into it deeper.
In a nutshell.
During WW2, 146,000kg of gold was stolen by the Nazis from De Nederlandsche Bank. Was transported to the Reichsbank in Berlin before being sold to the Swiss for cold hard Swiss Francs to help pay for the Nazi war effort.
Not all the gold was returned after the war, the last return being made in 1998.
In 2000 the cabinet of the day took the formal decision not to pursue the claim further and didn’t inform parliament.
Here in The Netherlands we are facing a €6 billion austerity package. €4.5 billion has been put aside for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter fiasco and there is €2 billion sitting in a Swiss bank that the government has given up on?
Who is up for a remake of Kelly’s Heros?
Bags I get to be Oddball.

Advertisements – US and NL agreed in 2010 to update nuclear bombs, tv show claims

Not really sure what would keep me awak more. Nukes 8 miles, or 13km away from me or that massive waste of our tax euros the Joint Strike Fighter being based there…