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Slowly, But Surely…

It’s getting there.

Balcony Garden is taking shape. The peas I’m growing from a box of dried peas I bought in the supermarket are doing well. The tomato plants I’m growing from seed are looking promising for later in the year. Cheated and bought a red pepper plant, a round courgette plant and strawberry plants.

Also some suprises creeping up. There are still some beef tomatoes, coming up from a fallen fruit that fell last year and I didn’t bother to clear away, prefering to let it compost into the dirt. They have become part of my Guerrilla Gardening projecr oot n aboot The Village. Also red lettuce clones are cropping up from a plant I let go to seed a couple of years ago. Yep two years ago and I’m still getting several red lettuce plants from one or two that I planted. Some I’m keeping, the rest also part of the Guerrilla Gardening projet. Coffee filters are ideal for that.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the red pepper and aubergines I’m growing from seed. Trouble is I forgot to label them. Only now I’m starting to see which is which. Also the garlic I’m growing from a couple of leftover cloves are getting there.

Herbs wise, the chives, thyme, sage, parsely and rosemary all survived the winter and are making a fine comeback. Upstairs in the Bedroom Nursery basil and marjoram are doing well and can go outside soon

I should get a few decent dinners out of this.






Got some really good mail today. I’d seen something online a while back about converting a shoe organizer into a vertical garden and mentioned it on facebook.

Guess what came in the post today? A shoe organizer and a few packets of seeds from my mum and dad in Scotland.

I was like a kid at Christmas, quickly found a link to instructions to set one up and set to work straight away.

Just have to do more research in which plants need more water than others so the dryer plants can go to the top and the wetter below, because the top will naturally drain to the bottom.

Looking forward to harvest time. Thanks mum and dad!

This is the link I have loosely based this on.

Oh Good, It’s Raining

That’ll give the seedbombs I put out a fighting chance then.

Here’s hoping they do better than last year.

I may be late in the season but…

…I may have found a good seedbombing place…

From Polaris to Trident to #IndyRef

This is a brilliant read, and an eyeopener for me. I also post this as an ex employee of the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service and latterly Serco Denholm in Greenock. So jobs wise I benefitted from Faslane. Would I still vote Yes if I could? Hell yeah!

Macmillan’s sell-out a vital lesson for Scotland | Herald Scotland

The Netherlands, Austerity and the Nazi Gold

At the weekend while farting about on the internet I came across this story.
The Netherlands will not fight for return of gold stolen by Nazis
I gave it my usual cynical ‘typical politicians’ reaction and moved on to the next article. Over the days however it kept coming back to me.
60,000kg, worth today about €2 billion, stolen from the Dutch by the Nazis is still sitting in a Swiss bank and the government has given up on it.
I looked a bit further into the story and found journalist Roel Janssen’s blog (Dutch) does go into it deeper.
In a nutshell.
During WW2, 146,000kg of gold was stolen by the Nazis from De Nederlandsche Bank. Was transported to the Reichsbank in Berlin before being sold to the Swiss for cold hard Swiss Francs to help pay for the Nazi war effort.
Not all the gold was returned after the war, the last return being made in 1998.
In 2000 the cabinet of the day took the formal decision not to pursue the claim further and didn’t inform parliament.
Here in The Netherlands we are facing a €6 billion austerity package. €4.5 billion has been put aside for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter fiasco and there is €2 billion sitting in a Swiss bank that the government has given up on?
Who is up for a remake of Kelly’s Heros?
Bags I get to be Oddball.

Seedbombs & Procrastination and Frustration


Seedbombs were deployed last night in a variety of locations within The Village. Got a mixture of sweetcorn, peas, tomatoes, peppers and broccoli out there. Also thinking of a cocktail seedbomb. loosley based on the North American Three Sisters form of agriculture. Although this will only be two sisters, and the beans will be replaced by peas…

Not sure if any of the seeds will actually grow to anything, main threats being professional gardeners tidying up plots to rabbits and pidgeons eating the crop, but even if only one seed succeeds then I’m claiming a small victory.

Really hope the sweetcorn outside the bank makes it.


Procrastination and Frustration

Been wanting to write for a long time, but never get round to it. I have enough ideas swimming around in my head for at least four stories, but I just can’t get them on paper or screen. Even the name for this blog and also my twitter profile comes from a lead role from a failed idea.

I know the ideas are in there, it’s just getting them out there. Who knows, it could be my ticket out of my day job, but realisticly it won’t be. But then Dan Brown is making a fair living I guess, and if he can, I can.

Can’t I?