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What the Hell NS?


Rushing to catch a train this morning I wasn’t expecting this.
I don’t use public transport much, because here in the Dutch Boondocks public transport is pretty bad. Also, Luddite that I am, I use paper tickets and not a card with a chip in.
Got a suprise this morning at the ticket machine. A price rise of €1.25 on my usual journey and I have to choose the route I’m taking.
So. I’m stuck on this route and can’t deviate from it if I miss a connection?
I can understand Nederlandse Spoorwegen trying to encourage people like me away from paper tickets, but a more complicated ticket machine when the train is in sight is just a scunner NS, a scunner.


Question Time


Got a questionaire from the local council recently.
Going to have fun filling this in.
Especially the public transport bit…