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Seedbombs & Procrastination and Frustration


Seedbombs were deployed last night in a variety of locations within The Village. Got a mixture of sweetcorn, peas, tomatoes, peppers and broccoli out there. Also thinking of a cocktail seedbomb. loosley based on the North American Three Sisters form of agriculture. Although this will only be two sisters, and the beans will be replaced by peas…

Not sure if any of the seeds will actually grow to anything, main threats being professional gardeners tidying up plots to rabbits and pidgeons eating the crop, but even if only one seed succeeds then I’m claiming a small victory.

Really hope the sweetcorn outside the bank makes it.


Procrastination and Frustration

Been wanting to write for a long time, but never get round to it. I have enough ideas swimming around in my head for at least four stories, but I just can’t get them on paper or screen. Even the name for this blog and also my twitter profile comes from a lead role from a failed idea.

I know the ideas are in there, it’s just getting them out there. Who knows, it could be my ticket out of my day job, but realisticly it won’t be. But then Dan Brown is making a fair living I guess, and if he can, I can.

Can’t I?


Boekenfestijn Enschede


Classics for less than €10 in total!


FC Twente’s stadium in the same complex as the exhibition hal the book fayre is in.


The main hall of the book fayre, there are two other smaller halls.

And back from the “Boekenfestijn” in Enschede. Got some heavyweights for a very low price. Dante, Verne, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky all for less than €10!

I don’t usually read this sort of thing, my usual reads are Iain (M) Banks, Ian Rankin and Hunter S Thompson. I am currently reading Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. I just figured it would be good to stretch and challenge myself with some classics and at that price it was an oppertunity too good to miss.

Book Fayre Fair or whatever today.


Going to the book fayre in Enschede later today. Will see if I can add to my ‘to read’ pile of books that is starting to resemble a paper Mega Jenga.