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Excuse me while I take a #stemfie – #ep2014


Me making a crucial decision.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this one here > Apathy in NL… Oh! Selfies! taking a selfie, or a #stemfie in a Dutch polling booth isn’t illegal. The word stemfie comes from the Dutch word to vote, stemmen, and selfie, and it seems to be a ploy to get young people out to vote, because face it. Here in NL voter turn out will be a low one.


Security is tight at the Dutch polling stations.

As you can see from the photies we are spoiled for choice. We get to choose one candidate from 345 standing in 19 parties.

Not all the people on the list are actually standing for election. Some are just on the list to show their support for that particular party and are placed at the bottom of the list where they have no chance of being elected. Which makes it very tempting to vote for them.


Spoiled for choice, that's not the full ballot paper...

Which party did I vote for?

Tsk, it’s a secret ballot!

Just saying I voted for a social liberal party in a tactical vote against a Redneck party.


Apathy in NL… Oh! Selfies!

Ach, blog ideas, just like buses. You wait a while for one to come up then two arrive at the same time.

Was having a gander through one of my favourite online media outlets, that’ll be a news site or blog then, when I came across these two.

First up, this.
Just 20% of Dutch Voters are Interested in EU Elections.
Just 20% eh? That does worry me. Now I am pro EU but even I can see that they can be they’re own worst enemy at times. An organisation that could be slimmed down. Do they really need buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg? Must there be so many rules and regulations? Sometimes I feel it’s full of Civil Servants, in offices, coming up with random ideas just to justify their jobs and expences.
But for all their faults I would rather have the EU than not. We need more transparency. Give us a reason to vote.
My big concern is the apathy of many will provide a back door for the Euro sceptics, fruitcakes, swivel eyed loons, closet racists and general Rednecks into some real power in the EU because moderates chose not to vote.
I’ve been that cynic. A quote, one I can’t remember who originally said it, went “If voting changed anything, it would be made illeagal.”
I believed that, sometimes I still do, but the referendum on Scottish Independence in September has brought back a belief in grassroots politics. The Dutch local elections where local parties did well and took votes away from the mainstream parties also caught my eye.
Your vote can make a difference. Even if it’s a spoiled paper.

And then there was this!
Ballot Box Selfies NOT Illegal, Say Dutch Court

Is this a ploy to get more people to vote?! Wouldn’t suprise me. Go on get your vote in and take a photie while you’re at it. Your big smiling face next to your ballot paper with the big Anarchy symbol you drew in with the wee red pencil they supplied you with. Who am I to stop you? But seriously though, make an informed decision. I have a feeling this years EU Election could be a big one and I’d hate to see the rising tide of Euro sceptics turn into a Redneck tsunami.

You could do worse than have a look at this link here.

LEW to Host NK3D – #3dArchery #Archery

The archery club I am a member of, Landmans Eendracht Wanroij (LEW) in Wanroij is to host this years Dutch national championship 3D archery competition on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of September. A Nederlandse Handboogbond (NHB) tournament.

This is a big deal for LEW, the club has been around since 1895 and is mainly an indoor 25 metre, one arrow club. But there are many 3D and Field shooters in the group and also on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th June we will be hosting the 3rd Hunting Wanroij 3D competition.

Going to be a big challenge for the club, but one I’m sure we’ll handle



Hunting 3D Wanroij


Easter Sunday so lets light a fire.
The Paasvuur is an Easter tradition in the eastern and northern parts of The Netherlands and in parts of northern Germany. The *ahem* hot spot being in the Twente area of Overijssel.

That’s going to ruin my baked potatoes…







Wierden 3D


Shot for my first time yesterday at the 3D shoot in Wierden in Overijssel province. The wether was perfect for it, set in a local park and shooting with a really good group of people.


I started off bad though. Lost an arrow at the first target and lost another not long after. Even nearly lost my bow. I wear a sort of ring thing round my finger that loops round to my thumb securing the bow to my hand, as I keep my bow hand relaxed. Forgot to secure it to my thumb when shooting from a bridge and my bow took off with my arrow! Luckily we managed to fish my bow out of the water. More of a red face than anything else.


My shooting picked up after that and my confidence getting better. I wasn’t confident of gaining a decent score (by my standards) and told my girlfriend who was marking our score cards not to tell me what I had till I finished. I wasn’t shooting for points by this point, I just wanted to shoot without the distraction of points.


Seemed to have worked. No pressure, more relaxed meant I got myself a new personal best in bowhunter recurve by a long shot. Really didn’t expect the score I got, and to cap it all my girlfriend came first in Ladies American Flatbow and her daughter picking up a winners trophy for Girls Historical Bow.


It was a great day out. Some challenging targets, both in distance, shooting through the trees and the change in light.

Really enjoyed this one.



The Netherlands, Austerity and the Nazi Gold

At the weekend while farting about on the internet I came across this story.
The Netherlands will not fight for return of gold stolen by Nazis
I gave it my usual cynical ‘typical politicians’ reaction and moved on to the next article. Over the days however it kept coming back to me.
60,000kg, worth today about €2 billion, stolen from the Dutch by the Nazis is still sitting in a Swiss bank and the government has given up on it.
I looked a bit further into the story and found journalist Roel Janssen’s blog (Dutch) does go into it deeper.
In a nutshell.
During WW2, 146,000kg of gold was stolen by the Nazis from De Nederlandsche Bank. Was transported to the Reichsbank in Berlin before being sold to the Swiss for cold hard Swiss Francs to help pay for the Nazi war effort.
Not all the gold was returned after the war, the last return being made in 1998.
In 2000 the cabinet of the day took the formal decision not to pursue the claim further and didn’t inform parliament.
Here in The Netherlands we are facing a €6 billion austerity package. €4.5 billion has been put aside for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter fiasco and there is €2 billion sitting in a Swiss bank that the government has given up on?
Who is up for a remake of Kelly’s Heros?
Bags I get to be Oddball.

What the Hell NS?


Rushing to catch a train this morning I wasn’t expecting this.
I don’t use public transport much, because here in the Dutch Boondocks public transport is pretty bad. Also, Luddite that I am, I use paper tickets and not a card with a chip in.
Got a suprise this morning at the ticket machine. A price rise of €1.25 on my usual journey and I have to choose the route I’m taking.
So. I’m stuck on this route and can’t deviate from it if I miss a connection?
I can understand Nederlandse Spoorwegen trying to encourage people like me away from paper tickets, but a more complicated ticket machine when the train is in sight is just a scunner NS, a scunner.