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What the Hell NS?


Rushing to catch a train this morning I wasn’t expecting this.
I don’t use public transport much, because here in the Dutch Boondocks public transport is pretty bad. Also, Luddite that I am, I use paper tickets and not a card with a chip in.
Got a suprise this morning at the ticket machine. A price rise of €1.25 on my usual journey and I have to choose the route I’m taking.
So. I’m stuck on this route and can’t deviate from it if I miss a connection?
I can understand Nederlandse Spoorwegen trying to encourage people like me away from paper tickets, but a more complicated ticket machine when the train is in sight is just a scunner NS, a scunner.


Question Time


Got a questionaire from the local council recently.
Going to have fun filling this in.
Especially the public transport bit…

Going Home…

Heading south from Twente back to the Dutch Boondocks after a great week with my girlfriend.
The long distance relationship has it’s strains, but I always look forward to heading north for a visit.
Worst part is going home. Especially if stuck on the student cattle train on a Sunday!

Cycling, and the Dutch.

Found this on the BBC site and felt the need to share.


It is about why the Dutch are such keen cyclists and and to be honest, it’s not just a mode of transport, it really is a way of life.

For me however cycling has become a necessary evil. Being priced out of owning a car and living in the Dutch Boondocks where public transport is awful, just awful. I have no real option but to cycle.

My nearest bus stop is a 5 to 10 minute walk from my flat, fine if I need a bus between 0700 and 1800 Monday to Friday but outside those hours the other alternative bus stop is 2km away, and that bus route ends around 2000 in the evening. my nearest train station is 12km away, the taxi fare to that would set me back about €30. Cycling it is then.

I used to cycle for fun, but no more, the only time my bike comes out the shed is when I really need it. I’ve had to cycle in all manner of weather, the sort you wouldn’t put a dog out in, wind, rain, snow. I’ve had a few near misses from cars and a truck and been hit once by a car.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. The cycle path network here is superb, last year going to the Folkwoods Festival in Eindhoven I even built a trailer for my bike to carry my camping equipment, food, beer, clothes and beer the 45km from home to festival site, a nice wee adventure.

Seriously though, would it kill them to give us a decent public transport system?